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Our services ensure you only have to deal with one company.

We offer a comprehensive range of services so you only have one phone call to make.

Marketing plans

New product or fresh ideas plan how to reach customers.

Strategic Plans

Do you know what path you are on? Do you know the opportunities and risks?

Sales training

Do you need some rocket fuel for your sales team?

business cases and analysis

Looking to invest? Or, can't decide? Get some certainty.

coaching for business owners

Get some clarity, set some goals and follow through!

Consulting Workshop

Digital Marketing

SEO, Pay Per Click, Electronic Mail Out, LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

and Social Media Engagement

Managing your digital marketing can be daunting. If you are not driving traffic to your business, it is hard to grow. There are ever-expanding ways to reach your customers now. And, customers have ever-changing needs. Once you have your Strategic Plan in place, you will want to find ways to make sure your customers know about what it is you have on offer. Then, you want to keep in touch with them regularly while attracting more people that are similar. From branding through to digital marketing plans there is an ocean of choices to be made. We can ensure this is taken care of, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

What is a business consultant?

A business consultant is someone who works independently for your business to help solve problems, implement new systems and advise on recommended next actions. Similar to a business advisor or a business mentor, a consultant will normally be a little more hands on with what you are doing, rather than saying for instance "you need to have a social media strategy" a consultant will help put that into place if you don't have the skills to do it yourself. What they don't do is get in and start serving your customers, business consultants should be working on the business for you, not in the business.

What does a business consultant do?

A business consultant (at least us anyway) can help with many aspects of your business. From implementing your digital marketing strategy, working on the strategy itself or giving some guidence to your sales team. Even if you are finding that profit results are not coming, they can help identify why your business model is not working optimally and lend some advice on what aspects will give the greatest results.

How much does a business consultant charge?

Rates for business constultants can vary significantly, and this will largley depend on the type of work you need to be done, and the how senior the consultant is that is specifically working on this project. Market rates can be anywhere from $150 per hour through to the thousands per hour. The amount your business can afford will somewhat depend on your size. If you are a small business with one staff member, it is much more difficult for a consultant who charges throusands an hour to deliver value, but they certainly could for a multi million dollar company. It pays to think about the value that will be added, and what is right for your business. If a consultant will add $1000.00 in profit per week to your business, how much would you be willing to pay them? In our case we are not charging thousands an hour, since we work with smaller businesses. What we charge will depend on the scope of the work required, however you will know all of that up-front once we have agreed on what you need.



You may think that a strategic plan is a fancy name that large corporations use. Alternatively, something that was put together and never left the bookshelf after the first read-through.  In truth Strategic Plans are the starting point for any business and, they are a living document that should ultimately give you a sustainable competitive advantage.

Strategic plans should define what it is you sell (that may be very different to what you think you sell), all the influences on your business from the outside such as consumer trends, changes in technology or government policy that could impact how you operate. Then, they should look at all the capabilities you have within your business and the capabilities you have yet to build. Lastly, look at the opportunities that lie ahead of you, or what may compromise your business.

Then you are ready to put plans in place that considers what it is your customers want, why they would buy from you and what actionable steps you now need to take to grow your business. By combining a strategic plan with a Marketing Plan and Coaching you have the best chance of transforming your business.

Chess Strategy

What is a strategic plan?

You have probably heard the term "strategic" over and over again. Whether it is "we need to be strategic about this" or "we need a business strategy" too many people use the term without a real understanding of what it really means. In short, a strategic plan should firstly define the industry you are working in by setting out your customers wants and needs. Then clearly understanding who the industry players are (competitiors, substitutes, suppliers and customers). Then step back and take a look at all the factors influencing your industry now and in the future. After you have done some analysis on your own business and understood what you are good at, and what needs to be developed, you will clearly articulate where you will position yourself in the market. Then you will form your objectives and a more tactical plan that can be implemented.

What is a tactical plan?

Having a strategic plan at some level of detail is great, and arguably necessary for a business to thrive. However, it will do little for your business if you don't do anything with the information that comes from that period of discovery. This is where a tactical plan comes into play. These plans are far more subject to change, some actions will work, some won't. Other actions can only be done after a sequence of other actions happen. This is where you get to sit back and pro-actively plan out what it is the objective what is going to be done, who is going to do it and by when. Then after all of that, measure results and do more of what works. Keeping the momentum going can be difficult, this is where a business coach really starts to add value.

Strategic plan and tactical plan; doesn't this sound like we are going to war?

Well yes the great commanders always had a strategy behind them, and tools to win on the battle field. In sport coaches have a plan for the season, and a plan for each game (that changes as they go) and business is no different. You normally have rules in the industry that form over time, and even you you are setting out to re-shape the industry you have a better chance of success if you take a specific approach to that. You will have competition that would love to have a monopoly and you are competitive for peoples hard earnt money. Many business books relate back to war or battle, but be careful if you think of business as a win/lose environment; there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to win, including yourself.

Sales Training


Need rocket fuel for your sales team?

Are you struggling to get the results you expected from your sales team? We can help with one on one coaching for your salespeople. From learning how to ask questions that will open up a new business opportunity, planning a sales call to knowing how to close and the best actions to take after your customer has bought from you.

Knowing that your sales team have all the tools they need and are aligned with your Marketing Plan are crucial.

Wake up knowing your sales team will be winning the day, leaving you to work on giving them the next great idea.


Business cases and analysis

Looking to invest in your business?

Understanding what to invest in, what choice will give you the best return on your investment is not always easy. Whether you are investing in new software or capital equipment, there are many reasons to put a business case together. Business cases can secure funding or decide between two potential options, whatever your goal give yourself peace of mind that you have done your due diligence.

Sometimes you need to have analytics to make the best decisions! Which customers make you the most money? How much stock should you carry? Let us help you answer these questions and many more.

Personal Coaching

Coaching for business owners

Create goals then achieve them!

You have all your plans, and now it is time to make the dreams become a reality. Business coaching ensures that you stay on track, bring clarity and will help challenge your current thinking. Business coaching is a one on one session that puts the icing on the cake to all the planning and preparation that you have done.